You can search for organisations that can teach you how to use phones, tablets and accessories.

There are two ways you can search.

Option 1: Use the keyword search if you know the type of product you need training on or the name of the training provider. If you enter more than one word, only the results with all the words will appear.

Option 2: Use the advance search option to search step by step. Select the type of device that you want to learn to use, then select the access needs that are important to you, followed by the type of training (individual, groups or online) and whether you are after Android or IOS. Finally, select the states you want to search in.

Click on search to see the results.

You can click “Search” at any time once you have chosen type of device and one other search option.

  • Mobile
  • Landline - Standard
  • Tablet
  • Landline - Cordless
  • Accessories
  • Landline - TTY (Text Telephone)
  • Apps

Further results are possible via the provided controls.

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