1. About this service

Customer info Booklet
Easy English – how to use website
Features and their descriptions
I need more help
Online Word Viewer

2. User stories

User Stories - Cognition and Speech
User Stories - Deaf and Hearing Impaired
User Stories - Vision
User Stories - Physical and Speech

3. Funding options

Aged Care, NDIS, Community Groups and others


4. Telecommunication Providers in Australia

Accessibility Services
Directory Assistance

5. Social Media

Sociability: Social Media for People with Disability

6. Operating Systems – Apple IOS, Android, Microsoft and others

Accessibility Options for Operating Systems

7. Voice Features on mobiles and tablets

Voice Features Instructions
Voice Over and Talk Back Screen Reader Instructions

8. Hearing Aids and phones

What is a Telecoil
Apple Hearing and compatibility ratings (HAC)

9. TTY, RTT and Captel

Textphones - TTY,RTT and CapTel

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