Swissvoice C50 Seniors Mobile

Swissvoice C50 Seniors Mobile

Type of device: Mobile

Image of Swissvoice C50s Senoirs Mobile

Actual Display Size :
Button Type :
Operating System :
Version Number :
Network Capability :
Average Price :
$648 as of 10 01 2022
Note: This phone allows you to install any of the apps created by the different Australian state governments in order to check-in to remain Covid Safe.

Accessibility Features:

a. Cognitive

  • GPS
  • Photo Telephone List
  • Simplify Display

b. Hearing Impairment and Deaf

  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Hearing Aid Microphone Coupling
  • Hearing Aid Telecoil Coupling
  • Text Messaging/SMS
  • Vibrating Alerts - Adjustable
  • Visual Alerts - Incoming Calls

c. Vision

  • Battery Alert - Audible
  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Dictation / Speech-to-Text
  • Personalised Shortcuts
  • Power Cue
  • Voice Control /Personal Assistant

d. Speech

  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

e. Physical

  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Dictation / Speech-to-Text
  • Flat Back for Table Top Operation
  • Headset - plug connected
  • Speaker-phone option
  • Switch control option
  • Voice Control / Personal Assistant
  • Voice Recognition for Dialling

How and where to get it from?

You can buy this phone from Southern Phone, and other retailers.

More information is available on:

The Swissvoice C50s Seniors Mobile Webpage is no longer available

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