Uniden SS E47 Corded Phone

Uniden SS E47 Corded Phone

Type of device: Landline - Standard

Image of Uniden SS E47 Corded and Cordless Phone

Button Type :
Physical Keypad
Average Price :
$169 as of 15 06 2021

Accessibility Features:

a. Hearing Impairment and Deaf

  • Hearing Aid Microphone Coupling
  • Hearing Aid Telecoil Coupling
  • Visual Alerts - Incoming Calls

b. Vision

  • Battery Alert - Audible
  • Key Numbers - Standard Layout
  • Key Press - Vibration or Click

c. Physical

  • Flat Back for Table Top Operation
  • Guarded/Recessed Keys
  • Physical Dialling Keys
  • Speaker-phone option

How and where to get it from?

You can buy this phone from Harvey Norman, Gadget City, Bunnings, Officeworks, Hearing Australia and other retailers.

More information is available on:

Uniden SS E47 Webpage

Uniden SS E47 User Manual (PDF Download)

Uniden SS E47 Product Brochure (PDF Download)

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