Funding Options

Devices, accessories, and other communication technology can be very expensive in Australia. Currently there are several organisations and programs that will offer full or partial funding for some devices. The amount you can receive will depend on the eligibility requirements of each source of funding, the cost of the device, and your needs and requirements.

Below is a list of some of the sources of funding available for people living with disability in Australia. However, the eligibility requirements and application processes vary greatly so please contact your local health care provider to discuss your goals and needs so they can best inform you of your individual options.

Sources of funding can be divided into three key categories of providers:

  1. Commonwealth Government
    1. Department of Social Services - NDIS
      1. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

      2. Early Intervention Funding

    2. Department of Health
      1. My Aged Care - Commonwealth Support Programme

      2. Hearing Services Program

    3. Department of Veterans’ Affairs
      1. Rehabilitation Appliances Program

    4. Department of Employment
      1. Job Access – Employment Assistance Fund

    5. State Governments
      1. Health and disability funding programs
        1. EnableNSW – Aids and Equipment Program (NSW)

        2. Medical Aid Subsidy Scheme QLD (Queensland Health)

      2. Non-Government Sources
        1. Private Health Insurance (some accessories only)
        2. Fundraising organisations
          1. Variety (NSW, QLD)
          2. Ear Science Institute – Lions Hearing Clinic
          3. Australian Rotary Clubs
          4. John MacLean Foundation
          5. Steve Waugh Foundation
          6. Quota

1. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

NDIS purple

The NDIS is a national Scheme designed to provide information, funding and support to eligible people living with a disability. The process includes:

  1. Meet eligibility requirements
  2. Complete an Access Request Form to apply
  3. Work with the NDIA to create a Participant Plan, which will include the participant’s goals and aspirations, environmental and personal context, and a statement of the supports required by the participant.
  4. Use your plan and manage Support Budgets
  5. Review your plan and goals

For more information visit: NDIS "How it works" Web Page.

How funding works:

Based on your Participant Plan, the NDIA will create a Supports Budget with funding available for different ‘reasonable and necessary' supports that will help you to reach the goals, objectives and aspirations set out in your plan, and to undertake activities to enable the participants social and economic participation.

If there is funding available in your budget and you have identified a reasonable and necessary service or device, if you have chosen to be self-managed, then you can either make a Payment request and then pay your provider for the service or device or Pay the provider and then make a payment request.

For more information of Support Budgets visit: NDIA Support Budgets Web Page.


Services and products available:

  • Accessories: Funding may be available in your Core Supports Budget or Capital Supports Budget for any accessory that is relevant to your needs and can be directly linked to achieving your goals, objectives and aspirations. Funding is likely for majority of accessories.
  • Apps: Funding can be taken from your Core Supports Budget for smart device Apps that can be directly linked to achieving your goals, objectives and aspirations.
  • Training and Referral Services: Funding may be available in your Capacity Building Supports Budget for training and referral services that can be directly linked to achieving your goals, objectives and aspirations, e.g. mobile phone training sessions may be included in the “Increased Social and Community Participation” Section.

More Information:

NDIS Web Page
NDIS Understanding the NDIS Booklet (PDF Download)
NDIS Planning Booklet (PDF Download)
NDIS Using Your Plan Booklet (PDF Download)

Phone: 1800 800 110

2.    My Aged Care – Commonwealth Support Programme

my aged care

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) connects senior Australians with subsidised support providers to help them access entry-level support services and live independently and safely at home. Eligibility is determined by a face-to-face assessment to ensure the right services are made available

For more information visit: My Aged Care Commonwealth Home Support Programme Web Page.

How funding works:

If eligible, you will have access to service providers that offer the services or products that you need at a subsidised price. The CHSP requires you to make a contribution to the cost of the service, but you do not cover the full cost and there are no exit fees or additional costs. The price paid will depend on the type of support required and the provider.

For more information visit: My Aged Care CHSP costs Web Page.

Services and products available:

  • Accessories: Under the Home Modification section, you may be able to access a subsidised price for emergency alarm pendants and home systems. Under the Goods, equipment, and Assistive Technology category individuals with impaired hearing can purchase communication aids and hearing appliances at a subsidised price.
  • Apps and Software: Under the Goods, equipment, and Assistive Technology category individuals can access subsidised prices for low vision reading software.

More Information:

My Aged Care Web Page
Commonwealth Home Support Programme Web Page
My Aged Care Contact Information Web Page

Phone: 1800 200 422.

            Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages are available and designed for individuals with more complex needs that go beyond what the Commonwealth Home Support Programme can provide. Within this, you select a package level based on your level of care required, including meal preparation, domestic assistance, transport, and goods, equipment and assistive technology. If eligible, and based on your selected plan, you will be required to pay a daily fee, an income-tested fee, and any fees incurred from additional care requirements.

This program will give you subsidised access to the above mentioned equipment accessories and software, however it is a part of a comprehensive plan rather than a one-off purchase.

For more information please visit the My Aged Care Home Care Packages Web Page

3. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) - Rehabilitation Appliances Program

Department of vetrans

The Rehabilitation Appliances program provides eligible DVA clients with aids and appliances that help them to be as independent and self-reliant as possible at home and in the community. Members of the veteran community are eligible if they are:

  • a Gold Card holder, or
  • a White Card holder, and
  • Assessed by a general practitioner (GP) or medical specialist as requiring an aid or appliance to meet a clinical health care need.

For more information visit: DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program Web Page.

How funding works:

If eligible, you can receive partially or fully subsidies aids and appliances through your GP or medical specialist. They will assess your needs and prescribe the most cost-effective, safe and clinically appropriate aids and appliances through RAP.

Additionally, DVA will cover the cost of repairs and replacements of aids and appliances supplied by RAP if they are lost or damaged by normal wear and tear.

Services and products available:

  • Accessories: The accessories available under the RAP Schedule of Equipment include, but are not limited to, hearing aids, emergency alarms, communication boards, wheelchair accessories, hearing loop, hearing aid adapters, and low vision appliances including keyboards. Variations of these accessories may be available with partial or full subsidies depending on your needs as assessed by your GP or medical specialist
  • Devices: Tablets and iPads with a protective cover are included in the Schedule given they are to be used specifically for the purpose of running assistive speech or speech pathology Apps.

More Information:

Department of Veteran’s Affairs Web Page
DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program Web Page.

Phone: 1800 555 254

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please see the following Microsoft Word attachment for more funding options