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Accessibility Services of Telecommunication Companies in Australia

In Australia, there are many mobile and internet service providers which offer different levels of coverage, prices, customer service, and accessibility support. There are three mobile network owner/operators: Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone - all other mobile service providers lease service from one of these three networks.

In regards to Internet and landline connections, there are around 170 phone and internet providers in Australia servicing different regions, offering varied costs and coverage levels. The roll-out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is becoming the new supplier of voice and broadband internet networks; however, you must still choose a plan through a phone and internet service provider (such as Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, TPG, iiNet, and others) in order to access this service.

Some of these mobile, broadband, and landline service providers offer information, equipment and alternative solutions to suit people with disabilities.  This comes in the form of accessible web pages, information on the accessibility of mobile devices, and equipment designed for individuals with disabilities such as the Teletypewriters (TTY).

Telecommunication Providers in Australia

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Below are some of the major telecommunication providers who offer accessibility services that help ensure inclusive communication. It is not a complete list, with there being many other providers available who will offer similar services.

1.    Telstra


Telstra provides information on disability services, access accessible communication devices, and training programs to ensure their products are accessible and inclusive of customers with various needs.

Disability services they provide include:

  • Disability Products & Services: guidance and information on the specific products and services available by disability conditions.
  • Disability Equipment Program: Selection of equipment available for Telstra retail customers who have difficulty accessing standard telephone services. Includes large button phone, volume control phone, Teletypewriter (TTY) handsets and flashing light alert.
  • Directory Assistance Helpline: A live directory assistance services. Will provide phone number and physical location of listing.
  • Tech Savvy Seniors: Training services helping older people develop the skills and confidence to use technology for socialising, accessing services, and conducting personal business.
  • Priority Assist: If a registered Priority Assist Customer reports a problem with their home phone line, Telstra will attend to the fault at the highest practicable level of service. It is available to customers whose life may be at risk if they don’t have access to a working phone service.

For more information visit:

            Telstra Disability Services Web Page
            Telstra Tech Savvy Senior Web Page
            Telstra Priority Assist Web Page

Contact details:

2.    Optus


Optus has created a Disability Services section on their website to provide information and access to the disability services offered to Optus customers with disabilities.

These services include:

  • Disability Equipment: Links and information on available equipment and the option to rent Teletypewriter (TTY) handsets.
  • Operator assisted directory services: This is a free service that can be requested by Optus customers with a disability who need assistance accessing directory services.
  • Voice to Text: Spoken voicemails are converted into text messages and sent to your mobile devices as an SMS/Text.

For more information visit:

            Optus Disability Services Web Page
            Optus Diversity Support Web Page
            Optus TTY Handsets Web Page

Contact details:

3.    Vodafone


Vodafone provides information on the accessibility of communication equipment, by including links and information on available services such as AccessHub, the NRS, Accessible Telecoms and Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI).

They also offer reduced fees and increased services for Australian Senior Card Holders.

For more information visit:

Vodafone Accessibility Support Web Page
Vodafone Seniors Web Page

Contact details:

  • Phone: 1555 from your Vodafone phone or 1300 650 410 from any phone.
  • Visit their Contact Web Page

4.    Jeenee Mobile

Jeenee Mobile is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to provide mobile services to members of our community living with a disability. They sell mobile phone plans to all customers, and use the profits to donate free services, develop accessible technology and run technology training programs to help people living with disabilities improve their lives.

Key services include:

  • Information on mobile devices that suit all needs, as well the option to buy a specially configured smartphone with clear, easy-to-use buttons, and an emergency button for access to the Jeenee call centre
  • Accessibility Plans – a range of discounted SIM Only mobile plans for individuals registered with the NDIS or receiving the Disability Support Pension from Centrelink. Link to Jeenee Mobile Accessibility Plans
  • Jeenee call centre – a ‘Help’ option that triggers a free-call to the call centre, which can provide emergency services support, location support, contact you family or friends, and reassure you if you are worried or panicked.
  • Kids and Senior mobile plans

For more information visit:

            Jeenee Mobile Web Page           

Contact details

  • Phone: 1300 054 631


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