Cochlear Implant Telephone Adaptors

These accessories can help users with a cochlear implant to hear phone calls more clearly by eliminating background noise and interference.

Type of accessory: Cochlear Implant Telephone Adaptor for landlines and mobiles

Connect the telephone adaptor to the phone so the telephone adaptor acts as a bridge between the phone and your cochlear device.  You can then connect your cochlear device to the phone adaptor so the sound is transmitted directly to your cochlear implant.

This accessory connects to phones via:

Audio Jack:    No

Bluetooth:      Yes

Wi-Fi:             No

Micro USB:    No

Other:            No

Is there any other piece of equipment required for this accessory to work properly with a phone?

No, it does not require any additional equipment to connect or work properly with a phone. But you might need additional equipment to connect to your cochlear device to the phone adaptor if your device does not allow wired connections.

Cochlear / Resound Wireless Phone Clip landlines and mobiles

 ACC524   Cochlear Wireless Phone Clip   Revised 2019 06 04

The Cochlear/Resound Phone Clip works with both Cochlear branded cochlear implants as well as with some GN Resound hearing aids. It is compatible with BAHA 5, Kanso, Nucleus 6, and Nucleus 7 sound processors. 

It can connect to mobiles and landline phones with Bluetooth capabilities.

In this mode, the phone clip is connected wirelessly to both the sound processor and the landline phone.


  • 6 hours of talk time
  • 80 hours of standby time
  • Call reject and tracker, last number dialled and voice dial functions
  • Simultaneous connection to two Bluetooth devices (such as your smartphone and tablet)
  • Quality stereo sound when streaming music
  • Private and secure connection

More information at: Cochlear Wireless Phone Clip Web Page

Available at: My Cochlear Store

Is there any training available for this accessory?

Training and demonstrations are available at Cochlear clinics.

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